Walking Street Pattaya 2018 - Night Life

Walking Street Pattaya 2018 – Night Life

Walking Street is a place where almost the entire nightlife of Pattaya concentrated.

The street opens for pedestrians after 5:00 pm and is closed for transport until 6:00 am. During this period the nightlife of the city awakens.

Walking Street has many bars, discos, restaurants, and cafes. Also along the street, you can find traders and street entertainers.

People come here for fun, and therefore everyone will find their entertainment.

What You Should Know

  • Go Go Bar is not just a bar, but an institution in which half-naked girls dance, so ladies, keep your husbands away from these establishments.
  • Ping Pong Shou is not a table tennis, but an adult show.
  • In any institution, look at the prices and on the check that bring for payment.
  • Do not get involved in problems, in case of conflict situations, refer to the tour police, which is on duty at the beginning of the street.
  • Do not drink with strangers, especially with unfamiliar companies.

Most popular discos on Walking Street

  • Lucifer
  • Mix
  • Insomnia
  • Pier
  • Marine Disco

To get a rough idea of what awaits you on this street, check out my video below.

Video of Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street on the Map

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