The tea shop Tea Village in Pattaya

Are you looking for a quality tea? Then you must visit the tea shop Tea Village in Pattaya

Many people visit Thailand and might wonder where they can find tea in a specialized place. Today we want to tell you about one of the tea shops selling this fine drink, it is called «Tea Village».

Tea in Thailand

Now tea can be found almost everywhere in the markets, pharmacies and souvenir shops. However in these outlets you cannot determine either the quality or freshness of the tea leaves. Furthermore it may be difficult to determine what type of tea is being sold. In nature, there is a large number of tea bushes growing in more than 20 countries and more than 100 variations of tea leaf processing.

Within a pharmacy or a souvenir shop, the sales person will be familiar with the basic information about the product and its medicinal properties, but most have no an idea of what sells. And when presented in such places where hundreds or even thousands of different products are on sale, ordinary people are simply unable to get into the details of each product, and hence they may be willing to accept false or unreliable information.

Tea in The Market Tea in the Market

So a person who wants to buy a good tea may have questions and problems with his choice. Some people may be misled by buying varieties that do not grow and are not produced in Thailand but are sold as Thai. Someone buys a "hay" with a nice well-known name, but inside the package is a completely different type of tea, and you're lucky if it will be fresh.

This is only a small part of the problems that are present in the tea business. We didn’t speak about the quality, method of production, the freshness, the method of storage, packaging and many other factors, of which many sellers in markets have no idea.

So if you really want to buy a good and high-quality tea, we recommend you to visit a specialty store and one of them is the “Tea Village”.

About Tea Village

The store has existed since 2011, and during this period has gained a certain popularity among the tourists and locals.

The Tea Village Team is led by a cute Thai girl, who has been involved for along time in the sale and production of certain varieties of tea. The mission is - "To provide high quality tea at a reasonable price."

In the store you can find over 70 variations of selected teas and herbs from Thailand, China, India and Japan. Due to the fact that the Team love the tea business, their experience, knowledge, and social circle allows them to have an exclusive collection of quality products.

the-tea-village-tea-shop-in-pattaya-1The Tea Shop Tea Village in Pattaya

You can be sure that when buying Da Hong Pao or Tie Gun Yin or any other known varieties; you get exactly what it says on the package. You do not need to go into the tea by subtlety, unless there is a desire and time, just trust this team, they will do anything for you, and you will only enjoy the great taste of the tea.

the-tea-village-tea-shop-in-pattaya-4White Peony from Tea Village

the-tea-village-tea-shop-in-pattaya-3Fresh Tea Leaves from Assam Tea Tree

There you will find a tea for 39 baht and for 1000, it all depends on your desires, budget and taste preferences.

The store has a cozy tea room, where everyone will be able to retire and enjoy the pleasant moments of tea time.

the-tea-village-tea-shop-in-pattaya-6The Tea Room in Pattaya

the-tea-village-tea-shop-in-pattaya-5The Tea Room in Pattaya

How to Find Tea Village Store

The shop is located in Pattaya city, on the North Pattaya Rd., near the shopping center Tesco Lotus and opposite the jeweler store World Gems Collection.

Since taxi drivers in Thailand rarely don't know addresses, you can show this to them: ตรงกันข้าม เวิลด์ เจมส์ (ก่อน ถึง โลตัส พัทยา เหนือ)

Tea Shop on The Map


For those who are not in Pattaya and are hundreds of kilometers away from Thailand, you can order the products with delivery on their website to any part of Thailand to your hotel, home or apartment. There is no minimum amount and free delivery in Thailand starts from 400g of any products.

The shipping costs include insurance, packaging, tracking code and all other costs. If you do not receive your item, you will get back 100% of your payment including the shipping fee.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the company's products, and will become a regular customer. 🙂

Good luck and enjoy your tea journey!

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