Sunday Night Market in Old Phuket Town (LardYai)

Sunday Night Market in Old Phuket Town (LardYai)

This night market is bound to visit everyone who visits the island of Phuket.

Most of those who come to rest in Thailand know how the Thais love markets and the people of Phuket are no exception.

Today I want to show one of the most interesting markets on the island of Phuket – Lardyai.

Lardyai is a Sunday evening market in the old city of Phuket.

Some people have associations with an unpleasant smell, garbage, and other muck when thinking about markets. I hasten to please you Lardyai is the absolute opposite of usual markets.

It is spotlessly clean and there are no unpleasant smells :). Local traders will please you with a wide variety of local street food and desserts.

In addition to food at the fair are souvenirs, art objects, and handmade crafts.

Also, you can see a small show and listen to foreign music performed by a Thai musician.

I really liked this place, and I definitely can recommend it to other travelers.

Please watch a short video below that I’ve made here

Video of Lardyai Sunday Market in Phuket

Link on the video on YouTube – Night Market in Phuket Town.

Market on The Map and The Working Hours

Opening hours: every Sunday from 4:00pm till 10:00pm.

How to Get to The Weekend Market in Phuket Town

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get there by public transport, as the tuk-tuk go rarely, and at night there are none at all. Therefore, you have to go either by taxi or by rented transport a motorcycle or a car.

You have to to get to the old Phuket Town, and there you will easily find a fair. To make it easier, I leave below GPS coordinates.

GPS coordinates: 7.884877, 98.388261

Enter these numbers into the Google map and you’ll see location.

If you want to book a car, I recommend doing this in advance by clicking this link

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