Sukiyaki Earwthai Sukiboraan

Sukiyaki Earwthai Sukiboraan in Pattaya

Have you heard about Sukiyaki? It’s the name of a Thai-Chinese-Japanese dish. Not even the names of dishes, but a way of preparing and serving food with a special sauce.

On the table, you’ll see a stove with a hot pot. Next, you need to select from the menu raw foods that you have to cook. Also, you’ll get the sauce to your dish, this sauce has name “Sukiyaki”.

In Pattaya has a new restaurant, Earwthai Sukiboraan, where you can try Sukiyaki with a magnificent view of the sea.

The restaurant at the end of the Jomtien area. You can get there by taxi or motorcycle.

I advise you to go here around 16:30 – 17:30 to see a beautiful sunset.

Approximate cost for a couple: 700 -1000 baht.

GPS coordinates: 12.863125, 100.894600.


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