Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Pattaya

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Today we have discovered another good restaurant in Pattaya and would like to share our experience with you.

The place is called “Shanghai Restaurant”. It is on the side of Pattaya 3rd Road, in North Pattaya area. It is an authentic Chinese restaurant emphasizing Shanghainese food.

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant may look like it is not attractively decorated, but from the outside you can see the interesting open kitchen for customers' enjoyment where the process of their home-made noodles are on display. Sometimes when you order beef or pork noodle soup, the noodle-making performance will be made in front of you for enjoyable eating.

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

The seating of Shanghai Restaurant is neat and tidy – just enough space for everyone with a choice of normal dining tables. The service is very attentive and the menu is reasonable pricing. If you are new to Chinese food then the menu could really help because they have pictures and chef recommendations of many different dishes.

As always, we will share the various things we tried with you.

Recommended dishes in Shanghai Restaurant

The “Spicy Chicken” is 120Baht and was delicious. The chicken was perfectly cooked - dry but not too tough, and not too spicy.

Spicy Chicken

Steamed Buns” was also for 120Baht. The pork was wrapped in thin flour sheets and we could feel a nice touch of soup juice from inside the buns. Our team agreed on its nice taste and it turns out to be one of our favourites at this restaurant.

Steamed Buns Steamed Buns

The “Sliced Meat with Pepper” was colourful and tasted not bad. This cost 120Baht.

Sliced Meat with Pepper

The “Boiled Cabbages & Pork Dumplings” is a menu that can be ordered regularly. The pork was minced together with shredded cabbages and steamed until cooked. This is a good snack for 80Baht only.

Boiled Cabbages & Pork Dumplings

Other than a big choice of Chinese food there are also desserts, and hot or cold Chinese teas (served in teapots) with lovely scents and a soft taste. The Tie Guan Yin oolong tea is 50Baht per pot, and the Chrysanthemum flower tea is served hot or cold upon order for only 20Baht per cup.

Boiled Cabbages & Pork Dumplings

How to find Shanghai Chinese Restaurant


As there are not many Chinese restaurants in Pattaya, we really recommend you to come and try the Shanghai Restaurant. Please let us know what you think when you do.

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