Nightlife in Phuket – Kudo Beach Club, Patong

Nightlife in Phuket – Kudo Beach Club, Patong

People come to Thailand not only for beach rest but for evening entertainment, so almost every popular resort area has its own nightlife.

In my past video, I already showed you the Bangla Road in Phuket, where the main nightlife of the island is concentrated.

Today I will show you an establishment that is located on Patong Beach. The place is called Kudo. If you are a fan of beach clubs, then you will certainly appreciate it. The club has a good location. It’s located at the popular beach Patong.

Kudo opens from 10 am to 12 pm. During the day you can have a snack and relax by the pool, and in the evening time dance and enjoy delicious drinks.

Video of Kudo Beach Club

Kudo Beach Club on the Map

GPS coordinates: 7.895293, 98.295726

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