Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand - Beach and Surrounding

Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand – Beach and Surrounding

Jomtien is one of the quietest areas of the city. Here is the famous beach Jomtien.

The main part of the area is located near the sea. The length is about 5 km. From the beginning to the end of Jomtien a good asphalt road. Opposite road the beautiful beach.

There are no hotels on the first line. All buildings are across the road. Almost no bars and nightlife, so you can meet many families. On weekends, many Thais рест here.

A big plus for holidaymakers is the availability of a night market, a football/volleyball field and a children’s playground.

Almost throughout the length of the beach, there are sun loungers, the rent price is ~ 30-40 baht. There are also places where you can settle on your towel.

The closer to the beginning of the street, the more cafes and restaurants appear along the road. There is both Thai and European cuisine.

Another undeniable advantage is the availability of public transport (songtew / tuk-tuk), which runs 24 hours a day. It is easy to get to the center and go back. The only negative, if your hotel is located after soi 14, then most often you have to get to it on foot. Drivers of tuk-tuk usually disembark passengers or request an extra fee for traveling further.

I suggest watching a short video below made in this area.

Video of Jomtien

Jomtien on the Map

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