House for Sale

House for Sale Baan Pattaya 5 Huay Yai

In this article, I will make a brief overview of the house for 5,7 million baht, which can be bought in Pattaya, and also show a short video made inside.

I thought for a long time about the uploading videos about the houses in Pattaya and yet decided to upload it, because in any case I already recorded :). If the video gets many likes, I will continue to show other real estates in Pattaya and other places in Thailand.

This is a one-story house. The living area is 206 sq.m., the land area is 420 sq.m.

In the house:

  • 2 bathrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dinner Zone
  • Living room

Also, have a large garden and a garage for parking 2 cars.

It is located near Pattaya, in the Hua Yai area. It is very quiet here, 15-20 km to Pattaya, so you can not do without a car.

The price of a similar house is 5.7 million baht.

Since a foreigner does not have the right to own land, a Thai company will be required to purchase.

If you need more details, write an email to I’ll give you the direct contact with the seller.

Video of Baan Pattaya 5 Huay Yai

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