Gems Gallery in Chiang Mai

I told about the Gems Gallery once, it was a story about Pattaya, and they have 4 branches, as far as I know, and since the topic is popular, I decided to add another article, but about the center in Chiang Mai.

Gems Gallery is a jewelry store with more than 35 years of history. Its offices are located in several cities in Thailand, receiving up to four million visitors annually. Fans of jewelry come here to plunge into the world of jewelry. In addition to Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, a huge branch is in Chiang Mai.

Here, everything is like in other branches. Initially, visitors are given the opportunity to personally follow the process of creating unique products. Comfortable cabins, accompanied by guides who speak the language of tourists, will be taken on a tour of the museum. Here you can dive into the history of the origin, mining, cutting of stones, in the workshops see the fine work of jewelers.

It is not legal to import processed stones into Thailand. Such work is entrusted only to local specialists. This guarantees a quality that is famous throughout the world.

Gems Gallery in Chiang Mai

At the end of the tour, guests are escorted to the pavilions. They occupy a huge area and impress with a variety of products presented to customers with different financial capabilities.

These are extraordinary and classic pearl jewelry framed in silver or gold. Stones are mined in the Andaman Sea, grown on farms near Phuket, the latter is not inferior to the natural in quality and beauty.

A lot of jewelry made of sapphires, rubies, presented in the store of Chiang Mai, are both female, male, and even children’s models. This kind of stone is mined in Kanchanaburi province.

Also in the pavilion, one can see paintings and furniture inlaid with stones; rare leather accessories; interior items, souvenirs.

The level of products presented is confirmed by an unusual kind of certification. All products provide a unique lifetime warranty. Once in the discount period, you can make a very profitable purchase, also issue a tax refund (this is 7%).

Free Transfer to Gems Gallery – 086-152-94-80

The company takes care of guests, offering a range of additional services. Everyone is guaranteed not only a free tour of the factory but also a free transfer in both directions.

Free transport to Gems Gallery can be ordered at 086-152-94-80.

Gems Gallery on The Map

Everyone decides to buy or not, but you can go and see because it does not oblige to anything 😉

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