The Zign Hotel Pattaya 5 * -Reviews

The hotel is in a quiet and secluded area amidst tropical nature. The territory is large: consists of two hotel buildings and a separate area with villas. The rooms are made in hi-tech style, well equipped: there are sleeping accessories, CD / DVD player, Wi-Fi, minibar, safe, air conditioning, and a bathroom. All guests are offered aerobics and yoga classes. For a surcharge, guests can use the spa and wellness center. The main disadvantage of the hotel for many guests is the location. It is located at the end of the city, far from the center.

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Pattaya Photos – Old and New

Every year, Pattaya is changing at a frantic pace; over several decades, the fishing village has turned into a modern resort, which today visit millions of tourists from all over the globe. Most recently, I came across a selection of old pictures that I want to share with you. I will add modern photos to this collection so that you can see the contrast.

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