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Breeze Beach Club

Today we have been to Centara Grand Pratamnak Hotel's additional property called the “Breeze Beach Club” located just opposite the hotel with beach front access of Pratamnak Soi 5. The breezy surrounding and beautiful sea-side atmosphere has truly delighted us as there were not so many people. It was a good venture to disappear from the city for a while.

Inside the club you can choose to get cozy and comfortable in different corners like the “inside breeze” air zone, the “open sea view” zone, and get best seats beside the beach. This area of the beach is a new hot spot where vacationers could really relax with no harassing vendors.

Breeze Beach Club Breeze Beach Club Breeze Beach Club

What to Try at Breeze Beach Club

We went there for some breakfast. At that time it was nice and quiet with no crowd. It was refreshing to sit back, listen to music, and enjoy the drinks alongside with the beautiful view. It was easy to select something interesting to order since the menu was unique and limited.

Breeze Beach Club Breeze Beach Club

We ordered the eggs and sausage muffins for 120Baht. The texture for this white muffin was tasty, with a nice touch of scrambled eggs and sausage.

Breeze Beach Club

The Eggs with Salmon Bagel was very flavorsome that came with 3 choices of dipping sauce. This was also 120Baht.

Breeze Beach Club

The Darjeeling Iced Tea was very refreshing that morning. It was for 100Baht.

Breeze Beach Club

For 150Baht the Strawberry Smoothie was also a great choice to start the day. Delicious, healthy, and got a full juicy feel of strawberry.

Breeze Beach Club

Most of the things we ordered was new to us, which made it a good experience. They also have a selection of bakery, dessert, different drinks, and food.

Breeze Beach Club Breeze Beach Club Breeze Beach Club Breeze Beach Club

The prices do fit the elegance of this club. It would cost around 600Baht for a couple to have breakfast.

The Breeze Beach Club turns out not to only be for hotel guests, but also for general customers to get a variety of dining experience. It can be a nice place for breakfast, lovely daytime drinks, lunch menus, or even dinner.

During the week the club offers different dining events such as Wednesday Mid-Week BBQ dinner buffet for 399Baht, and Thursday Ladies Cocktail Night with unlimited refills for 250Baht. Other promotions you can follow through their Facebook:

How to Find Breeze Beach Club


We would surely like to visit Centara Grand Pratamnak again to try their other restaurants.

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