Bake N' Brew Pattaya โ€“ Menu, Restaurant Reviews

Bake N’ Brew Pattaya โ€“ Menu, Restaurant Reviews

At the moment (03/2018) Bake N’ Brew takes 1 place in the list of the best cafes for breakfast in Pattaya on the site Tripadvisor.

And I partly agree with this. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have my favorite, but Bake N ‘Brew is a worthy place to visit.

If we talk about the difference from other cafes this has bread buffet. With any breakfast, you get the opportunity to enjoy unlimited access to the bread corner. It includes butter and two kinds of homemade jam. There is also a wide range of sweets and breakfasts. And of course worthy coffee and nice prices.

One minus is the location. If you do not have your own transport, getting here will be problematic.

In my personal ranking, Bake N ‘Brew takes 2nd place among the establishments where you can taste delicious breakfast.

I ordered one of the sets for 165 baht + 45 baht to upgrade my coffee to a latte.

In the set:
1) Unlimited bread buffet, butter, and jam
2) Two eggs
3) Sausage
4) Ham
5) Tomato
6) Hashbrown
7) Bacon
8) Orange juice

Coordinates: 12.9295587,100.8787902

Video Bake N’ Brew

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