Weather in Thailand in April | Pattaya, Phuket, Samui

Thailand is an amazing place on earth, where millions of tourists come to relax every year from all over the world. Since the climate is conducive to proper rest, even in April, during the rainy season, the flow of tourists is not reduced. This is due to the unique climatic conditions and constant high temperatures.

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Around Thailand Map August issue

Now that August has arrived, many new things are happening around Pattaya and we would like to introduce our latest updates made to the Around Thailand map. The new issue copies have been distributed around the city – waiting to be discovered. We hope that all the improvements in the map would benefit all readers and that it would help guide everyone to great destinations that you would like in Pattaya.

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Pattaya city

When “Pattaya” is mentioned, little will it be unheard of, as this city is a well known tourist destination at an international level. This tourist city has so much to offer regarding services and entertainment that targets visitors of all ages, nationality, sex, as families, singles and group.

Pattaya city is one of the closest tourist cities to Thailand’s capital “Bangkok”, being only 140km away with approximately a 2 hour drive, which makes both Thai and foreign visitors want to come and experience the beautiful and modern city. The convenience is wide when visitors can choose to go on a one-day trip, overnight, or stay a long while without getting bored.

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